The Conversations We Should be Having

BLM activist & Chief of Police. Friends. Digging deep into race and justice in America.

We’re here to talk about race and justice in a new way. A way that does not hide from hard truths, and yet also strengthens our friendship – we’re friends. We come from what society tells us are totally different worlds, and apparently, we shouldn’t be able to talk to each other about serious issues. We’re going to stay in conversation, we’re going to stay in the room together.

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Latest Episode

Episode 6: “Unity vs. Uniformity

What is Unity Anyway? Is it all of us believing and behaving in the same way? Is unity even possible to achieve? In this episode Tanisha and Elliot wrestle with the notion of unity and discuss the need for us to come together while remaining our unique selves. They reflect on the need for doing your inner work which Project Empathy pushed them to do.

The Hosts

Tanisha Johnson

Tanisha Johnson

Empowered activist. Community service leader. Racial justice organizer

Tanisha Johnson is passionate about dismantling anti-Blackness and has worked steadily in upraising empowerment for women, youth and people of color. As the co-founder of Black Lives Matter Seacoast, her work demands an investment in education, social services, enhancing the health of black people and away from exploitative forces such as law enforcement, jail and prisons. Tanisha currently is the Child and Family Services Director for Community Action Partnership of Strafford County, and lives in Exeter, NH.

Chief Moya

Elliott Moya

Unassuming Leadership. Empathetic policing. Community commitment.

Elliott Moya assumed the role of Chief of Police of Eliot, Maine in 2016.  He believes that advancing policing, in part, comes with a focus on the wellness of our officers, and sometimes, policing, in the traditional sense, isn’t always the most effective way to solve problems in communities. Rather, empathy, understanding, and partnerships can have incredible effectiveness.


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